Client: BAE Systems Australia Defense Pty Ltd
Project: LHD Consolidation
Scope: Provision of 600t Crawler Crane and Synchronised Hydraulic Jacking System, including Project Management & Engineering for consolidation of blocks on the Australian Navy’s new Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Vessel; the HMAS Canberra.


Four fabricated steel vessel blocks to be consolidated onto ship flight deck, ranging in Mass from 164t to 300t; with variable centre of gravities.  Once in position the blocks will become the operating control towers on the flight deck of the LHD Vessel.

The CC2800-1 was rigged with a 72m Main Boom in Superlift Lift (SSL), and positioned to work from the Nelson Pier adjacent to the moored LHD Vessel.  Due to the size of the vessel, the use of traditional craneage and dry dock option was not feasible.

To allow positioning on the pier, BAE designed and built a steel grillage to purposely match the characteristics of Universal Cranes CC2800-1 Crawler Crane.  The grillage, weighing approximately 600t, allowed the crane to be positioned on the pier structure with loads effectively transferred directly to lower piles.  The grillage was then relocated by the crane in preparation for each sequential lift.

Universal Cranes purchased a 440t Enerpac Synchronised Hoisting System specifically for the LHD Project.  The system, comprising of four hydraulic cylinders each capable of 110t and offering a stroke of 1500mm, can be installed within a rigging arrangement in tension providing an overall capacity of 440t.  The Sync Hoist allowed a gradual lift of the load, and dynamic adjustment in relation to the centre of gravity during the lift.  This unique system allowed constant monitoring of load and stroke on each cylinder; ensuring very accurate control by the operator. 

Universal Cranes also provided engineering and project management in the fabrication of a 330t purpose designed lifting frame.  This lifting frame was adapted with specific sling lengths for each specific block.

The Universal Cranes scope included:-

  1. Fabrication of LHD Heavy Lift Frame.
  2. Supply of Heavy Rigging Gear.
  3. Mobilisation and Rigging of the CC2800-1 onto Nelson Pier.
  4. Provision of Craneage and Skilled Labour.

Key Equipment Utilised:         

  • Demag CC2800-1 Crawler Crane
  • Enerpac Synchronised Hoist System
  • Franna AT20
  • Telehandler
  • 66’, 86’ and 135’ EWP


Time Lapse Video