You may remember reading about the outrage surrounding the cost of the relocation of a big tree on the Royal Queensland Golf Course. Well - our 250T Sarens Crawler Crane did the job! The 100-year-old tree, weighing 105T, was planted by British Royalty over 100 years ago and therefore held signifcant historical value and could not be cut down.

Universal Cranes worked with a subcontractor and came to the rescue to relocate the tree. Our 250T Crawler lifted the tree onto the back of a  platform-trailer. While the crane continued to hold the tree upright the Semi crept along in front and together they slowly moved the tree about 200 meters off the course. The tree is still alive and well today.

Universal Cranes was proud to carry out this job and be part of both protecting our environment and preserving our heritage.

250T Crawler Lifting Tree

Tree Loaded on Trailer For Relocation