Owner: Brisbane City Council
Principal:JF Hull Holdings Pty Ltd
Contractor:Universal Cranes Pty Ltd
Scope:Transport and Erection of 35m / 79t Precast Beams, using 400t Crawler Crane


The Telegraph Road Open Level Crossing Replacement Project has been a Council-approved scheme since 2008.  The project provides a strategic east-west connection between Gympie Arterial Road and the Gateway Motorway.  It aligns with Council’s Vision 2026 and is included in the Transport Plan for Brisbane 2008-2026. The Queensland Government’s strategic transport plan Connecting SEQ 2031 identified the removal of this open level crossing as a key priority for road system efficiency, particularly for public transport and freight through this corridor. Universal Cranes were contracted to provide transport and heavy lift cranage on the overpass. This required transport of the beams from casting yard to stockpile, and heavy cranage in placement. With a dedicated rail occupation, requiring efficient installation of the beams over the rail corridor; Universal Cranes solution offering delivery of all beams to site prior to commencement of the outage was a key driver. Using the 400t Crawler Crane, rigged in Max-ER configuration with full 232t Ballast and 72m of Main Boom, Universal Cranes were able to offer a project solution that enabled the 79t beams to be transported, stockpiled and erected from a single key crane within minimal crane moves and thus ensured efficiency throughout the project. This ensured both cost and program efficiencies to the principal contractor, JF Hull Holdings Pty Ltd.Once the beams were onsite, it was critical that each could be handled and positioned within a set period; and as such the Wheeled MaxER Wagon on the Manitowoc M16000 proved to be the perfect solution.The Wheeled MaxER enabled each beam to be placed, and the crane returning to stockpile without any need to adjust the additional ballast. This resulted in key installation efficiencies. To meet the requirements of designers, Universal Cranes adopted the use of their in-house engineered lattice beam spreader. This spreader combines a key structural capability with minimal tare mass which is critical in bridge beam handling. The Lattice Spreader and Equalising System within enabled the four lifting lugs positioned at either end to be equally loaded vertically in accordance with the project specification. The lattice spreader also assists by positioning the equalizing system and slings directly above the lugs enabling an ease of operation for the crew in the slinging of the beams, whilst also ensuring that the rigging did not foul the railway overhead power lines upon detachment from the beams. It also eliminated working at height issues in traversing beams, when detaching the rigging equipment.


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The Universal Cranes scope included:

• Transport of Beams from Enco Precast, Seventeen mile Rocks, to site location Bracken Ridge.

• Supply of Heavy Rigging Gear.

• Provision of Hardwood Mats / Plate for Crane Pad Improvement.

• Erection of beams into position.

Key Equipment Utilised:

• Manitowoc M16000 MaxER – 400t Crawler Crane

• 4x8 Jinker Transport Configurations

• Specialist Lattice Spreader & Equalising System lapse

• EWP’s


Time Lapse Video