Brisbane Square's Sphere Sculpture

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Brisbane Square’s Sphere Sculpture

If you have seen the steel ball sculptures in Brisbane Square you have probably wondered how the gigantic art work got there in one piece. We can tell you how! Two semi-trailers and a 20T Franna!

Universal Cranes transported the gigantic steel balls (as shown in the photo) and placed them in Brisbane Square for a private engineering company.

The job only took six hours, starting at 2.00am and finishing at 8.00am. Two Universal Cranes semi-trailers transported the twelve steel balls into the city where they were lifted off the trucks and put into place by one of our 20T Frannas.

The steel balls weighed 200kg each and were surprisingly easy to manoeuvre once they were rigged correctly. Our operator and dogmen performed the task with ease and expertise in front of an audience made up of the site architect and engineer, site managers and curious passers-by.