Lifting on the Big Screen

Case Studies

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Lifting on the Big Screen

Forgacs Cairnscross called Universal Cranes when they needed a massive 9m x 5m television screen loaded onto a barge. The screen had to be loaded onto our float and transported about 50m where our 80T Demag AC80 lifted it onto a barge. It might sound simple but the TV was worth $1.5 million and could only flex a maximum of half an inch.This meant special lifting gear was needed to ensure the screen did not move and potentially break the fragile screens. Our Demag AC80 then performed another slow and steady move, this time from the float to the barge.

Overhead cranes in the shed where the screen was stored were used to lift it onto our float. The screen was lifted directly up, across towards the door and straight down to where our float was parked ready for loading. A slow and steady drive of 50m to the barge ensured the screen stayed securely in its place on the float.

The screen was later installed on the fifteenth level of the Dawn Princess with the help of our riggers. We knew we could keep that screen safe but that didn’t mean the job wasn’t still a bit nerve-racking!