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Manitowoc M16000 on the Lucinda Drive Bridge Project

Our Manitowoc M16000 crawler, fitted with the capacity-enhancing MAX-ER attachment, recently completed a challenging task on the Lucinda Drive Overpass lifting the largest beams ever lifted in Queensland.

Client:    Seymour Whyte 

We handled the lifting logistics and crawler crane hire for the placement of 17 girders on the Lucinda Drive Bridge on Fisherman Island. The existing Lucinda Bridge was duplicated as part of the overall Port Drive Upgrade Project. The project required the lifting and placement of 17 girders including beams up to 140T. These were the largest beams ever to be lifted in Queensland.

With ALE providing transport, we collaborated with Seymour Whyte and the Port of Brisbane to ensure this complex job was completed within the time constraints. The most challenging part of the project was the months of logistical planning including detailed lift studies and sequencing.

The span was erected over live Queensland Rail lines requiring a partial shutdown of the track. This required us to be as efficient as possible to avoid delays. The lift was meticulously planned, by stockpiling the beams on-site and mobilising the Manitowoc M16000 so that it was ready to lift as soon as the materials were available.

Placing the girders with the M16000 was relatively simple. The crane performed perfectly, aided by an M12000 Lattice spreader bar and configured with three 12-meter sections. This included one three-meter section and two end sections, for a total length of 42.52m. This gave a Safe Work Load Limit of 160T. The capacity enhancing MAX-ER configuration and the crane pads were custom designed and built by Seymour Whyte. The pad was designed by a geotechnical engineer with a capacity of 1600Kpa. This eliminated the need for timber bogmats and steel plates under the crane and MAX-ER.

Utilising the MAX-ER reduced the time and expense of using a larger crane.

The lift was completed without a hitch, on time and on budget thanks to the team effort in careful lift planning. Thanks to the Seymour Whyte team for another successful collaboration on this project. 

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Manitowoc M16000 Lucinda Crossing Project lifting bridge beam from distance