Surfers Paradise Ferris Wheel

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Surfers Paradise Ferris Wheel

Surfers Paradise just got its very own resident Ferris Wheel, and Universal Cranes helped it settle into its new home.

Our LTM1300-1, with 112T counterweights and the superlift component, lifted and placed the 45m high Ferris Wheel on top of the Surfers Paradise Bus and Transit Centre. The outrigger set out was done two days prior to the job, and the final ok from the engineers was given just eight hours before we arrived on site. The crane was positioned above a five level car park and the outrigger pads were close to storm water culverts. For this reason, the mat size had to be quite large (4.3m x 2.3m and 2.3m x 3m mats) to disperse the overall weight of the crane. This also helped reduce the outrigger pressures to an acceptable level for site engineers.

The job took four days complete, and we tag teamed with our mates at Gold Coast Cranes who lifted the final pieces into place.