The Pinkenba Pipe

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The Pinkenba Pipe

In April Universal Cranes did a job for a client involving a 730m pipe being pulled underneath the Brisbane River from Murarrie to Pinkenba. We used three Crawler Cranes on the bank of the River, one 100T Hydraulic Crane on the back end at Murarrie and a 50T Crane at the tail.

The pipe had to be pulled back 100m from the point of entry to under the river and the 100T and 50T cranes held and guided the pipe back. When the pipe was pulled back far enough from the point of entry the three crawlers picked up the head and walked it into position at the entry hole. Each crane then lifted the pipe to a set height to allow the pipe to be on the correct angle for entry.Once everything was in position the crane on the opposite side of the bank began pulling the pipe through. This took six hours!

The hardest part about this job was that the call for service came on Friday afternoon for a Saturday pull through! We had to find three crawlers and have the site ready to lift in less than 24 hours. It was a big ask of all involved to get the cranes on site and ready to go on time but all involved did a great job to meet the time. A big thanks to all the guys who worked this job.

Mac Pera
Operations Manager