Meet the Team

Specialised project crane hire solutions. Site based mobile and crawler cranes for complex lifting requirements.

Universal Cranes Sunshine Coast is family-orientated small business that values its employees, hence our staff turnover is minimal. John and Margot, as directors, are both involved full-time in the business and we have 13 full-time employees.

John Hanna – Operations Manager/Managing Director – 2005

John oversees the entire operations of the company with a focus on personnel management, dispatch of cranes, safety, site visits, quotations, and fleet compliance and management.
John has worked hard to build his business and establish respect within the Sunshine Coast construction industry through his determination to supply, 24 hour availability, free cranage advice and accommodating attitude. John readily acknowledges the expertise and skills of his employees and appreciates that they are an integral part of the success of his business.

Margot Hanna – Office Manager/Director – 2005

Margot (John’s wife) runs the office and has accepted responsibility for the administration and financial management of the business since it was established in 2005. Margot is competent across all administrative areas including wages, payables, invoicing, debtors, insurances, employment contracts, financial reporting, ATO reporting, annual accounting and company policies and procedures.

Adam Govett – Workshop Manager – employed in 2010

Adam is a diesel mechanic, crane operator and dogman. He joined Universal Cranes Sunshine Coast with a significant experience in the crane industry and quickly became an integral member of our team. Adam is primarily responsible for fleet maintenance and is generally last man out of the depot. Adam’s friendly and approachable personality ensures he interacts positively with both clients and staff. Adam is a great back-up to John in all areas of our business.

Bruce Reardon – 100T Operator/Rigger/Dogman – employed in 2006

Bruce has been an integral part of this business since he first joined us an operator in 2006. Bruce has had a couple of stints away, chasing new adventures, however it is always great to have him back on board as he is a highly experienced and versatile operator.

Jamie Anderson – 60T Operator/Rigger/Dogman – employed in 2010

Jamie is a competent employee who goes about his work quietly and diligently. He operates with precision and care, and is always available for out of hours work.

Matt Grayling – 55T Operator/Mechanic/Rigger – employed in 2011

Matt joined us after Boom Sherrin closed their Sunshine Coast branch. He is a very measured and loyal person who is extremely safety conscious. Matt is a skilled and experienced operator.

Grant Austin – 130T Operator/Rigger/Dogman – employed in 2012

Grant joined the business in 2012, equipped with extensive experience from his time in the crane industry in Brisbane. He is extremely competent and professional, and a highly valued member of our team.

Mark Siggs – Operator/Dogman – employed in 2012

Mark is a steady and reliable employee and an extremely competent Franna operator with many years of experience in the industry. He is also a skilled operator of the 16T slew crane.

Darrel McLeary – Truck driver/Rigger/Dogman – employed in 2012

Darrel came to us with limited experience in the crane industry but has adapted like a “duck to water”! He is an incredibly hard worker, and a committed employee.

Tim Whatton – Operator/Truck Driver/Rigger/Dogman – employed in 2012

Tim is a quietly confident and versatile employee with an excellent attitude to safety. He hails from the Motherland where he also worked in the construction sector

Alan MacIntyre – Operator/Truck Driver/Rigger/Dogman – employed in 2012

Alan is a versatile employee who generally works as part of the support team for the slew cranes.

Keith Hall – Operator/Dogman – employed in 2014

Keith came to us from Universal Cranes North Queensland where he was involved in both operations and dispatch. He is flexible and hard-working, and a versatile employee.

Matt Green – 60T Operator/Rigger/Dogman – employed in 2014

Matt came to us from Sydney where he also worked in the crane industry. Matt is young, energetic and capable.

Ross Morris- Mechanic/Dogman – employed in 2015

Ross is a competent qualified diesel mechanic and when not working on maintenance of the fleet, he is out dogging cranes.

Sean Corcoran – Operator/Rigger/Dogman – employed in 2017

Sean came to us from Universal Cranes Brisbane where he was highly respected as an operator and rigger. He has very quickly become a valued employee of the Sunshine Coast branch and we feel fortunate to have him on board