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Universal Cranes COVID-19 Response and Action Plan

Early action undertaken to minimise exposure risk and control spread

Universal Cranes was quick to respond to the COVID-19 situation by implementing several initiatives as early as 16 March 2020 to minimise the risk of exposure and likelihood of spread within our community.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Group Manager – Systems & Safety and other key safety and operations personnel, together with our Advisory Board, are engaged as our response team to monitor and review advice from Australian Government Department of Health, the Queensland Government Department of Health and the World Health Organisation. This information has informed the establishment of specific procedures and practices to ensure the risk of COVID-19 within the workplace is significantly reduced.

Universal Cranes implemented the following initiatives since mid-March 2020:

  • Any employee who has flu like symptoms is required to stay home and advise their supervisor. They are required to provide a medical certificate before returning to work.
  • Any employee who is exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 must not attend work, seek medical advice and provide a medical certificate before returning to work.
  • Any employee who develops symptoms on site must immediately notify the supervisor and self-isolate at home. They may only return to work once a medical certificate has been provided.
  • Suspension of all avoidable interstate travel.
  • All office-based staff working from home wherever they can do so.
  • Workplace segregation, including separating teams into work groups based on geographical location.
  • Increased cleaning and promotion of personal hygiene.
  • Implementation of work practices to sterilise common surfaces and areas before and after use.
  • Observation of social distancing by all employees wherever able.

Universal Cranes continues to promote and maintain the highest standards of health management in relation to COVID-19 within all company activities, taking all practical steps to reduce the risk of exposure and likelihood of spread of COVID-19 to our employees and other persons engaged under the company’s control.

Universal Cranes is obtaining advice and guidance from licenced and registered health professionals to assist in the ongoing establishment and implementation of best health practices.

Universal Cranes’ approach has been to encourage employee participation and emphasise to all employees the need to follow healthy and hygienic work practices.

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