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Specialised project crane hire, heavy lift and support equipment solutions

Universal Cranes Projects and Heavy Lift

Specialised heavy lift, project and full package solutions. Site based crawler and mobile crane hire for complex, term and project lifting requirements.

Universal Cranes has developed a specialist team dedicated to large scale projects, heavy lift and transport solutions, covering all types of major construction, infrastructure and maintenance projects. Since 1993, Universal Cranes has been a trusted provider of crawler, rough and all terrain cranes including extensive lift engineering solutions to support markets such as Industrial, Resources, Renewables, Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Civil, Marine, Petrochemical Plants and Wind Farms.

Project based lifting operations form a critical part of project scheduling for many large multi-faceted projects to ensure they run efficiently, on time and within budget. Have confidence in your cranes, transport and lifting solutions with Universal Cranes’ award-winning lift engineering and heavy lifting crane capability. Universal Cranes are well equipped to offer full turnkey solutions for all project and heavy lifting requirements, utilising modern, state of the art cranes, transport and alternate lifting and transport methods.

Our Project and Heavy Lift Solutions team support construction, mining, resource sector and major infrastructure projects with an extensive fleet across Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Guam and New Caledonia. With a strong focus on customer service, the team provide solutions that deliver the most cost-effective options within tight timeframes for any large, heavy and/or complex lift and project requirements you may have. We have a large, local team of high level personnel with global heavy lifting, transport & logistic experience. The Universal Cranes fleet capability includes crawler cranes up to 750t and all terrain cranes up to 450t.



Universal Cranes has one of the largest Crawler Crane Fleets in Australia with over 30 units available including the strongest fleet of 400t class cranes in Australia with luffing fly and complete derrick / super lift applications available. Our fleet includes a range of Manitowoc, Demag, Kobelco and Maeda machines in capacities ranging from 50t, 80t, 110t, 180t, 250t, 300t, 400t, 700t,up to 750t and anything in between. 

The extensive range of configurations that Universal Cranes has available on-hand for our fleet of crawler cranes means we can offer our customers cost effective, fit-for-purpose solutions for even the most complex jobs. Set ups available include complete super lift arrangements with floating and wheeled ballast tray options, luffing fly and fixed fly configurations. Let our lift engineers design a set up especially suited to your project.

In addition to our fleet of cranes, Universal Cranes also has a fleet of heavy transport equipment. We can assist with oversize and heavy transport services anywhere in Australia. Our fleet includes low loaders and Self-Propelled Modular Trailers.


Universal Cranes can offer all equipment for dry hire in a manned or unmanned arrangement. With a selection of crawler cranes and rough terrain cranes to choose from, work with the Universal Cranes team to make sure you have the right gear for your project.

Whether you need it for a week, 3 months, 2 years or anything in between, our Projects and Heavy Lift team can arrange the perfect dry hire arrangement to suit your project budget.  

As part of our dry hire arrangements, Universal Cranes can organise and include delivery and collection of the plant depending on your requirements. With depots along the east coast of Australia and a heavy haulage transport fleet available, delivery to and from site can be easily arranged.

Universal Cranes can provide full turnkey packages inclusive of complete mobilisation and demobilisation activities. If required, Universal Cranes can provide all site and auxiliary equipment or work with clients to utilise existing equipment on site to optimise cost efficiencies during establishment.


With depots covering the east coast of Australia and sister businesses located internationally in New Zealand, Guam, New Caledonia and Papa New Guinea, Universal Cranes has the capacity to offer full turnkey package solutions for any project and heavy lifting requirements.

No matter how big or complex your project, Universal Cranes can supply equipment for any lift, anywhere, any time. We have an extensive range of mobile plant, ancillary equipment, rigging arrangements and other gear required to fully support a project from start to finish. We believe you should know what you are getting upfront, so when you partner with Universal Cranes, we supply basic rigging boxes with each crane hired, including lifting chains, gauge sets, shackles and tag lines – all included in the price. For large and longer term projects, Universal Cranes can also provide a 20ft workshop container utilised for tools, equipment, spare parts and specialised rigging that is used for our team to mobilise and relocate cranes directly from the site as required.

Our specially designed project packages not only include dry hire for all crawler and mobile crane and equipment requirements, but also encompass

  • general use and specialist rigging equipment.
  • in house maintenance and fleet support, ensuring all machinery is fit for use and meets OEM standards
  • site based workshop setups mobilised with the first crane
  • specialist team to maintain service schedules
  • transitioning mechanics and support technicians on standby to ensure responsiveness to any breakdowns to get equipment back online as efficiently as practical, minimising or eliminating any downtime


With a long and extensive history in the marine sector, Universal Cranes are your marine heavy lift specialists.  We know marine projects have more complex requirements than those on land and we understand what it takes to get them right. Our experience includes but is not limited to the building and repairing large scale bridges, sheet piling, pier construction and repairs, temporary platform structures, construction and remediation of revetments, dredging and marine cableways.

Universal Cranes tailor engineer our solutions to suit project specific requirements, complete with mobilisation and delivery to site. We have the capacity to offer a range of heavy lift, transport, structure, barge and mobile crane combinations and crane stability packages. Our team provides marine engineering support alongside all suitable cranes and equipment for the project. You can trust Universal Cranes for your marine heavy lifting requirements including barge mounted cranes, complete barge / crane packages, interaction at planning phase during the tender process, expert knowledge, project schedule advice and consultation including recommendations on timing of interactions with other plant.

We are also experienced in Ship-To-Shore projects and with depots adjacent to all deep-water ports in QLD – we offer full turnkey solutions from ships, hook to final installation


The Universal Cranes fleet is supported by our experienced team of project managers / engineers / OEM trained operators and mechanics. Our commitment to safety means our engineers service projects with any lift engineering required, preparation of lift plans, lift studies, and design of special rigging arrangements and method planning. Universal Cranes can handle all your lift, transport and jack and skidding requirements from civil to major mechanical assessments, utilising our comprehensive, technically competent and safe engineering team.

For complex lifts, heavy lifts and project hire, we go the extra mile to design, detail, manufacture and certify specialist rigging and equipment in house.

Universal Cranes have a network of branches across the east coast of Australia all with access to our large workshop at head office and extensive and well-maintained rigging and equipment stores. Depending on project requirements, any specific rigging equipment needed for a project that is not already owned by Universal, can be sourced or manufactured for the project. Our specialist rigging includes shackles, spreader bars, chains, straps, tag lines, rigging boxes, etc.

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NICOLAS NAVARRETE – Project & Heavy Lift Manager
0418 709 220

BLAIR TOSHACH – Project & Heavy Lift Operations Manager
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CAMERON GLYDE – Project & Heavy Lift Operations Supervisor
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CLINT HOLDEN – Project & Heavy Lift Supervisor (Panel Cranes)
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