Lions Stadium, Springfield, Brisbane instal


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Universal Cranes recently assisted JMAC in the unpacking, assembly and erection of 4 stadium lighting poles for the newly constructed Lions Stadium in Springfield.


Client: JMAC

Date: 11/3/2022 – 13/3/2022

Project: Lions Stadium, Springfield, Brisbane

Scope: Installation of 4 x 50m light towers at just over 20t each


Initially our client was interested in using a much larger slew crane. This is a common misconception in the crane industry – thinking the job requires a large crane to complete the job. The sales and engineering team were able to come up with a more cost-effective solution for the installation by reducing the working radius to allow the use of a smaller class of slewing crane.

Once the lighting segments were assembled, we were tasked with safely mobiling them across the site. This was a challenge in itself due to the recent record rainfall. Thinking on our feet, we were able to use a crawler crane instead of a pick-and-carry machine. This allowed us to comfortably traverse the site despite uneven, rough ground conditions.

With 4 poles to install and just a weekend-long window (two days) allocated for the installation, the team had to work both hard and smart. The size and weight of each pole meant the 350t had to be moved between each lift to have the required capacity. Safety was a priority despite the time constrain and the UCP team did a fantastic job with the installation completed without a hitch and on time.

Thanks to JMAC for the chance to kick the first goals at the new Springfield Stadium!

Key Equipment Utilised:

  • Cranes:
    • Liebherr LTM1350-6.1 with Y-guy attachment
    • M12000 120t Crawler Crane
    • 40t Franna
  • Load: 50m long, 20+ tonne lighting towers